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The Product Takes Shape

Product design in its purest form is about the look, the feel, the ergonomics and the functionality of a product. Our Product Designers will endeavour to create a product that is visually appealing, intuitive and fits well with whatever part of the human body it interfaces with. Low cost foam models can be created to test form and fit both internally and with potential customers before committing to more expensive prototypes.

Detailed Product Design: Services
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Making The Magic Happen

Working with the Product Designers and the Graphic Designers, our Engineering team brings expertise in material selection, component selection, component design, as well as mechanical, electrical and electronic design (to mention but a few) skills to create functionality within the parameters of the overall design. With many year's experience of sourcing products and a deep knowledge of manufacturing methodologies, our team will choose the best materials, methods and suppliers for your parts. 

Detailed Product Design: Services
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Finding The Right Suppliers

Having reliable and professional suppliers is just as important as having great customers. Without great suppliers you will not have happy customers. Insofar as it is possible, Engineers will select standard components rather than make bespoke parts. This has the advantage of cost reduction as well as ease of supply and reliability of components. Often times however, we have to make bespoke parts such as plastic housings for example. In this situation it is vital to have the right toolmaker and the right manufacturer to run the tooling so you get consistently high quality components for many years if required. With over 20 years experience of outsourcing, our supplier base is well established and well tested. 

Detailed Product Design: Services
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Creating The Brand Identity

Whether it's a new product and a new business or a new product for an existing business, our Graphic Designers will ensure that the colours, packaging, branding, mandatory declarations, etc., are all in compliance with regulations and fit well with the client's desired or existing branding. They will design instruction manuals with words and graphics as well as formatting pictures of the product for outer packaging, brochures, websites and video adds. 

Detailed Product Design: Services
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It's Not Just A Wrapper

The main two functions of packaging are to protect the product and provide the retailer with a means of displaying it on the shelf. Taking into consideration how the product will be shipped and stored, we will choose materials that can withstand stacking loads, transit loads, dropping forces and if appropriate, moisture conditions. We design shipping cartons so that they can be handled by individuals and also packed into containers so as to minimise wasted space. The product packaging is often what the consumer sees first, even before they see the product, so it vital to ensure that the branding, the messages and the aesthetics are on point. 

Detailed Product Design: Services
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First Testing Of The Final Product

When all of the component parts have either been bought in or manufactured, it is time to put the first fully functional prototypes together. The last thing we want as product developers is for the consumer to find a fault with the product, so we test everything rigorously inhouse to validate all aspects of the design. This often means destroying our first production grade prototypes in order to establish their limits. At this stage we also send production grade prototypes to selected consumers (maybe through focus groups) with the intention of getting feedback on specific aspects of the product.

Detailed Product Design: Services
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