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What Investors Really Invest In

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

The very first thing the investor looks at is the person or people behind the business. If the promoter does not show passion, commitment, ability, track record and sincerity then it's game over before you even get to the discussion about money. If you fudge the sales projections, over value the business or claim you have sales contracts that are not actually signed then your integrity is blown and the chances of getting investment with it. The world is full of ideas so having a great product idea is not unique and not necessarily what investors look for. What they want to see is a product or service in a developing or fast growing market because it is easier to carve out space than in a mature market where there is a lot of internal rivalry. But what really excites investors is having the right people with the right experience, knowledge, expertise, contacts and commitment to bring the idea to market.

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