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Crossing The Rubicon

When Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon River in Northern Italy on the 10th January 49BC he started the Roman Civil War which ultimately led to him becoming dictator. Once he crossed the Rubicon there was no going back. Once we send the purchase orders to the suppliers there is no going back. The purchase orders are legally binding and the deposits non-refundable. The design is fixed and the product is defined. Any changes from now on are expensive and time-consuming. When you cross this bridge with us, you can be confident in our experience and knowledge to manage suppliers and deliver excellent products.

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Bringing It All Together

There will often be ten, twenty or more suppliers involved in the supply of standard and bespoke components for a product so making sure that they all supply the right quantity and quality of components on time is vital to the final assembly. Sometimes it is necessary to get sub-assemblies made in once factory and then shipped to another for final assembly. We have many years experience in project managing this process in part and in full. Some of our customers bring mechanical sub assemblies from one factory and PCB's from another to their own facility for final assembly and testing so as to ensure confidentiality and quality of finished products.

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Wrapping It Up Nicely

Depending on the design of the packaging it could entail having a number of suppliers. If, for example, there is a foam insert it might come from one factory and the cardboard box it goes into from another. We will ensure that we have tested production samples from each supplier for fit, material quality and compatibility with the product itself before bulk production takes place. 

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The Handbook To Success

Without a QC manual that details every aspect of every element of the production process, it is inevitable that things will go wrong and sometimes very wrong. The QC manual contains the BOM (Bill of Materials), the drawings and specifications for each part, the production process, the supplier, the component acceptance and rejection criteria as well as a detailed description of how the product is to be tested during assembly, certified after assembly, packaged and shipped. This is our control document which is used by our QC factory inspectors to ensure compliance at every stage of production. Nobody is allowed to deviate from it or make changes to it once it has been signed off for production, without written approval. 

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From Factory To Warehouse

If the product is being produced overseas (in China for example), it will need to be exported from one country and imported to another. Shipping can be by air, sea, road or a combination of these. It can be by container (20', 40', etc.,.) or by pallet. We have many year's experience shipping both small and large shipments to customers and can deliver finished product to your warehouse if required. 

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